Why the need for the Enhancer

“About 20 years ago, we told the Automotive Industry that we wanted ‘quiet’ in our cars and trucks- well, we’ve got it. The commercials on television display it all the time. This ‘quiet’ has allowed us, the drivers, to be in a completely controlled environment - we now have “Moving, Soundproof Rooms”. That’s why I designed this new warning beacon, the Enhancer.

Everybody, while driving now, is either on their cell phone, reading the paper, listening to satellite stereo systems with surround sound, yelling at the kids, putting on makeup, looking at the GPS system, watching a DVD, or just plain not paying attention to the roadway - because they’re ‘relaxing’ or in a big hurry to get to their next destination.

We can all relate to at least one of the above. Our world is fast paced, and we’re always late. It’s my belief that the motorists are just not paying attention to our nation’s roadway signage anymore due to the comfortable environment they’re in. I also believe that we can almost all agree that our nation’s roadway signs are clear and concise in their meaning and message - but they’re losing their impact when they are up against the cell phone usage of today's drivers.

“The typical 12” flashing beacon is the tool we have used to emphasize the needed warning of a roadway sign since 1955. Its flashing pattern and height still work on some signs and their locations, but it is too passive now-a-days for most, due to the extremes mentioned above. The Enhancer’s unique flashing sequence and its installation placement, upon activation, commands the driver to again - look at the sign- understand its message, and act accordingly.

-R.D. Jones
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